Vision Care assures highest standards of safety and hygiene for customers at all outlets

Vision Care, Sri Lanka’s largest eye care provider, has opened all branches in the country and is ready to welcome customers while maintaining the highest standards in safety and hygiene in order to combat the spread of the COVID-19 disease. The company has introduced a number of safety measures to ensure the safety and bring peace of mind to both customers and employees.

Before customers enter the outlet, they are provided facilities to wash their hands using soap and water. Prior to entering through the main door, the body temperature of every customer is measured and the security officer opens the front door for all customers. Once inside the outlet, a Vision Care staff member fills out a short document detailing the reason of the visit and the customer’s whereabouts during the past 14 days after which the customer is directed to the relevant department based on the requirement.

All Vision Care staff members have undergone specialised training on how to safely interact with a customer. They use all possible safety precautions and maintain social distancing whenever possible. All equipment is sanitised both before and after every customer visit. After the eye examination, the customer is directed to the relevant customer care officer for the next stage which is the choosing of a suitable frame. Every frame that is tried out by the customer is sanitized before and after while all other information required for the spectacles are obtained by strictly adhering to all safety precautions. Similarly, in the Audiology Department, customer and employee safety is top priority. Each hearing aid is sanitized before being inserted into the customer’s ear and after every examination the equipment and area is sanitized before the next customer’s arrival. When it comes to payments, Vision Care encourages customers to use credit or debit cards and have all facilities available to do so safely. However, if a customer wants to pay using cash, the necessary safety precautions are also taken.

All Vision Care employees undergo careful screening to ensure that they are in good health and are fit to carry out their duties and serve the customer safely. As they arrive for work daily, their body temperatures are checked and recorded while all of them are provided with gloves and facemasks as well as face shields to those who require them. They are trained to maintain social distancing and thoroughly sanitise every surface area the customer has come in contact with once he or she departs.

Harsha Maduranga – General Manager of Vision Care stated, “We are pleased to inform that all Vision Care branches are now open to receive our valued customers. Backed by over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have taken several steps to ensure safety of all our customers. We are ready to serve them while also protecting them as well as the Motherland by providing a safe and secure environment. We will continue to give them the high quality of service that they have been accustomed to over the years.”

Additionally, Vision Care is offering home delivery services to customers so that they can attend to their eyecare requirements without having to step out of their homes. By logging on to, they can browse and order a wide variety of the company’s eyecare products including spectacles, sunglasses, contact lens, safety goggles, multi-purpose solutions and batteries.

Vision Care has pioneered the technological revolution in eye care in Sri Lanka with high quality eye testing, spectacles and sunglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and hearing testing. It has also pioneered the introduction of the best range of eyewear brands recognised globally to the local market. High quality, high precision contact lenses, optical and ophthalmic products are available at all outlets. Vision Care customers are able to choose from a wide array of top global brands for frames and sunglasses.