Eye Pressure (IOP)

Intraocular pressure (IOP) is the fluid pressure inside the eye. Eyeballs aren’t empty. They make various fluids and gels that keep it nourished and maintain their shape. Unfortunately, sometimes the drainage system in the eye fails and causes the fluid to build up, causing a high intraocular pressure which is called glaucoma.

Risk Factors

  • Age. People over age 40 are at increased risk for the disease.
  • Family history of glaucoma. Having a family history of glaucoma increases the risk of developing glaucoma.
  • Medical conditions. Some studies indicate that diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease may increase the risk of developing elevated eye pressure.
  • Physical injuries to the eye. Severe injury, such as being hit in the eye, can result in immediate increased eye pressure.
  • Drug use. Using some drugs for prolonged periods of time appears to put some people at risk of increasing the eye pressure.

There are 2 methods of measuring eye pressure.

1.Air Puff Tonometry ( non contact method).

2.Pascal Tonometer ( Contact method).