Refractive error: It is basically the recognition of objects or faces. The average person can see far distances as well as near without any discomfort or blurred vision.

It is common in children because they may go near the TV or hold books very close to their eyes and they may not like to go and spend time outside. They can find it difficult to copy notes from the black board and most of the time they may get incomplete notes with poor handwriting. Many children will even complain of headaches after school because they have to strain so much during school hours while studying.

When talking about adults you may have noticed reading is not easy for them. They have to hold books very far from their eyes or they may have to put extra strength by making their eyes squint while reading. These issues can be handled very easily with a pair of glasses after a proper eye examination.

We believe clear sight is the most precious gift one could ever have. Correct focus of light in the eye is very important for clear vision. If you have difficulties with seeing clearly, we at Vision Care are here to help you. A refraction test is compulsory to obtain prescription for spectacles and contact lenses or any other optical aid.

An annual refraction test for individuals of any age is highly recommended.