Sports Vision

What is Sports Vision?

Sports Vision is visual processing in a competitive environment. Every person has a different graph when it comes to visual processing, one skill will be better than another. With Sports Vision we are able to ‘’scan’’ your visual skills and see how well you perform in each area, this we do through the Sports Vision Scan. With revolutionized and innovative technology we are pioneering the industry in Sri Lanka. This technology is being used by professional sports athletes in the USA and has a successful record of performance and results. Top competitions where these professional athletes perform are: NHL (ice hockey), NFL (American Football), MLB (Baseball) and NBA (basketball.

The Sports Vision Scan

The Sports Vision Scan has three elements:

  • Eye exam & Sports Vision Assessment.
  • Analyzing the results
  • Creating a Training- and Development plan

The eye exam will show how healthy your eyes are and how well your eyes are working together. Of all the data that comes to your brain, 80% is coming from your visual senses.
After the eye exam, you will take part in the Sports Vision Assessment, this will take up to 45 minutes and afterwards will show you your strengths and weaknesses of your visual skills. Thereafter we will analyze the results and create a custom Training- and Development plan.

Sports Vision Training

The results of your Sports Vision Scan show us your strengths- and weaknesses in a clear and modern graph. Your weaknesses become the opportunities of your next level of performance, that’s where we are gonna focus on.

You will be training at our Sports Vision Center, depending on your area of focus, you will be training with different methods and different technology.

Sports Vision Technology

  • Senaptec Sensory Station – with the sensory station we will conduct the zero-measurement to see the current level of your visual skills. During the training sessions we will also use the Sensory Station for training.
  • Senaptec Strobe Glasses – these special glasses can remove visual distraction and increase visual challenge to enhance visual skills during practice at a training center or on the field of play.
  • Home Training App – this special app will make it possible that you can train visual skills at home on a tablet or iPad. You will be able to measure your results globally with other players.
  • Virtual Reality – with this technology you will be in a virtual realm where sports vision takes it to another level.
  • Binovi Touch – this tool helps to increase visual performance such as visual memory, decreasing reaction time and eye-hand coordination.
  • Fit Light – This special tool enhances and increases your speed and agility. It strengthens the bond between the mind and the body.