Low Vision

There are some conditions which cannot be improved further with medicine, surgery, traditional spectacles and contact lenses. Most of them affect the elderly who are staying at home and were very active earlier. They will find it very difficult to perform day to day activities, but with the additional support of special visual aids we can make a difference to the quality of their life.

After a thorough vision assessment, an optometrist will find out what is the best suitable solution to improve the sight of the person. We have got the world’s best visual aids from a brand in Germany called Eschenbach.
In addition to Eschenbach products we have got cheaper visual aids as well .

‘REVITALvision’ is now available at Vision Care and it is one of the latest technologies available in developed countries to improve vision by one or two lines in the standard vision charts. The ‘REVITALvision’ program is a clinically proven non-surgical and risk free therapy that improves the sharpness of vision. It trains the brain to see clearly and it is done on a computer for about 30 minutes per day three times a week. This is a customized and professionally monitored program which has been FDA approved.