The Vision Care Convention 2024

Vision Care, Sri Lanka’s leading vision, hearing and eyewear solutions provider, celebrated its 33rd Anniversary with a spectacular Staff Convention & Annual Awards 2023 event, dedicated to recognizing and honoring longstanding employees and star performers. Held under the theme “Vision of Excellence; cultivating respect and excellence in eye & hearing care,” the event underscored Vision Care’s commitment to delivering exceptional eye and hearing care services to communities across Sri Lanka.

The Staff Convention & Annual Awards 2023 witnessed the recognition of employees who have dedicated 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years of service, as well as recognizing the best performers across different departments and branches island-wide.

Since its inception in February 1992, Vision Care has been a pioneer in revolutionizing Sri Lanka’s eye care industry. The company has consistently delivered scientifically driven, world-class products and services through a team of highly trained optometrists utilizing cutting-edge equipment. Today, Vision Care offers an extensive range of internationally acclaimed brands of spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses, and hearing aids, catering to diverse budgets and lifestyles.

Harsha Maduranga, General Manager of Vision Care, expressed gratitude to the team for their unwavering dedication by stating, ” Our 33rd Anniversary is a significant milestone, and we are immensely proud of our team’s contributions to our success. We are proud and thankful to each and every member of our team for without their passion, commitment and hard work our journey towards success would not have been possible. Vision Care has successfully remained at the forefront of the technological revolution of the eye care industry in Sri Lanka having introduced various new technologies over the years. We have an expanding network of branches across Sri Lanka that helps us to take our eye & hearing care services to a large segment of the population.”

Over the years, Vision Care has demonstrated its commitment to giving back to society by uplifting local communities, helping those affected by natural and man-made disasters and contributing towards sustainable development. One of their most noteworthy projects was “Nethralokana Sathkara” which distributed free pairs of spectacles among deserving Sri Lankans, in all parts of the country. Looking ahead, Vision Care is poised to expand its branch network to selected cities across the island while continuing to set the benchmark for eye and hearing care excellence in Sri Lanka.